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This indicates that I feel most drawn to the ancient Minoan/Greek/Mediterranean cultures, but not exclusively so.


In other words, I'm just not sure about the existence of a whole bunch of gods.

I got the original joke from the Minnesota storyteller Steven Posch-Coward, who called himself a polyatheist.

Seriously, though, I am in effect an agnostic polytheist. I have no idea if there is actually a "God" or what that might mean; I think the Divine, if there is such a thing, is an enormous mystery, probably unknowable or inconceivable to us in its essence.

However, when I experience what I believe to be "the Divine," it is through multiple forms, particularly the gods & goddesses of antiquity who personify aspects of Nature (e.g., the Greek goddess Demeter, the harvest mother).


Panentheism, which can also be described as mystical or transcendental pantheism, is the belief that the divine is simultaneously imminent and transcendant. A great exploration of these concepts can be found here if you'd like to read more.


Long ago I determined that for me to identify with any religion, it would need to be both rational and ecstatic. The personal form of Neo-Paganism I have developed over the last ten years answers this requirement pretty well. There's no need for me to shut down my reasoning capabilities in order to "believe" in this or that; but at the same time, I partake of a surpassing richness of experience which deepens all the colors of my life.


This expresses the flavor of the particular deities who appeal to me. Chthonic means "of the earth;" it suggests energies of a darker and more primal sort, as explored in the ancient mystery religions of non-Classical Greece. It's often used to describe the older agricultural and/or underworld deities, like Demeter, Persephone, Dionysos.


I've always been "Pagan" even before I knew there was such a thing as Neo-Paganism; and I still consider myself "Pagan" even when Neo-Paganism isn't a perfect fit, which is often.

For me, Nature is God (or rather, Goddess), and gratitude is the true basis of worship. There seems to me no saner or more beautiful way to worship than to celebrate life, the senses, the seasons, the sun and moon, the land and all the gifts of the Earth.

aspiring maenad

The maenads (the bacchae, bacchantes, bacchanals, Thyiades) were the wild women followers of Dionysos, the god of wine. I am devoted to this god and his mythos, and I deeply identify with Ariadne, the god's beloved and the high priestess of the maenads. But my journey on this path is just beginning, hence "aspiring."


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