spira spiritum noctis

Enter Our 2007 Poetry Contest!
1st prize:........$300 gift certificate
2nd prize:.......$100 gift certificate
3rd prize:..........$50 gift certificate

Honorable mention prizes may also be
awarded, depending on the number of total
entries. There is a $1 entry fee per poem,
with no limit to the number of poems you can submit. The entry fees go towards the prizes.

Final deadline is December 22nd, the Winter
Solstice in 2007. Contest winners will be announced on December 31st, New Year's Eve.

Poems must be on a topic reflecting one (or more)
of the Midnight Muse Themes:

~ goddesses and muses ~ gods and green men ~ faeries ~
~ nymphs & nature spirits ~ mermaids and sirens ~ angels ~
~ animals (both real and mythic) ~ witchcraft and magic ~
~ trees / plants / flowers ~ the seasons ~ night / moon / stars ~
~ sacred sites ~ the ancient world ~ mythology and legend ~

How To Enter:

PLEASE do not submit poems in person, at the store, or at a festival!
Tess and Matthew Avelland will be judging the poems, and don't wish
to be influenced at all, even by knowing who is entering the contest.

More on anonymity: All poems, whether submitted by email or US mail,
will be opened by a third party, who will make the entries anonymous before
they are given to the contest judges. Identifying numbers will be assigned,
so that each poem can be traced back to the poet's contact information.

Via Email:

Send your name, address, phone number, preferred email address,
and your poem(s) to musepoetry@gmail.com. The contest email address
will be checked ONLY by our volunteer, who is not involved in the judging.

Send PayPal payment of $1 per poem to the same email address
(musepoetry@gmail.com). If you do not have PayPal, you may also send
cash (or a money order made out to Midnight Muse) to the address below.
Poems not accompanied by the correct entry fee(s) will not be eligible
for the contest.

Via US Mail:

If submitting your poems via US mail, please enclose the following:

1) A typewritten cover sheet with your name, address, phone, email, and
the title and first line of each poem you are entering.

2) Your poem(s), typewritten, on separate sheets with no identifying info.

3) The entry fee of $1 per poem. You may send cash, or a money order
made out to Midnight Muse, or if you prefer you can pay for your entries
via PayPal (send payment to musepoetry@gmail.com).

Please address any snail mail as follows:

Midnight Muse
Tower Place Mall
28 W. 4th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Entries will not be returned to you after the judging, unless you enclose
a self-addressed stamped envelope.


~There is no age requirement, but all poems will be judged on adult
merit. If the best poet ends up being fifteen, so be it, but there will not
be a separate category for the poetry of children or adolescents.

~Poems must be in English, but people from any country may enter.

~We recommend that poems be shorter than 40 lines, but if your best
poem is longer, don't cut it down to size -- just go ahead and send it in.

~There is a $1 entrance fee per poem. The fee is not refundable. There is
no limit to the number of poems you can enter.

~You do not need to send all your poems at once -- because who knows
when the Muse will speak to you? You can send a poem now, another in
a week, and another right before the deadline if you like.

~Poems remain the property of the poet, of course, but the winners will be
published in a future Midnight Muse newsletter, and on the Midnight Muse
website (with accreditation, of course, your name appearing as you choose).

~Any poem type is acceptable. Rhyming poems are not required, and in
most cases not even recommended, since expression can be limited by
too much structure, especially for less experienced poets.

~Poems should be on a Midnight Muse theme: gods and goddesses,
faeries and nature spirits, mermaids, mythology and legend, magic and
witchcraft, trees, night, magical animals, sacred sites, seasonal folklore.


Deadline for submissions is December 22, 2007 ~ the Winter Solstice.
Winners will be announced December 31, 2007 ~ New Year's Eve.


If you don't wish to participate in the contest, but would like
to contribute a donation towards the winners' gift certificates,
please contact us. The more entries and donations we receive,
the more prizes we can offer to the poets!

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