The Fairy Pack: Welcome The Energy,
Wisdom & Magic Of The Fairies Into Your Life
(by Claire Nahmad, with illustrations by Danuta Mayer)

42 cards, 5.25" x 3.25" with paperback book, 128 pages, 7" x 6".
The book features full-color illustrations, and gives instructions on how
to interpret each card. Also provided is a a short version of each fairy being's story, cultural tradition, element (earth, air, fire, or water), habitat, corresponding plant or flower, time of day, and the lesson to be learned.

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The cards are titled as follows:

1. The Fairy Lady of Murias
2. The Fairy of the Green Mist
3. The Elder Mother
4. The Wee Woman
5. The Fairy of the Sacred Stone
6. The Mountain Troll
7. The Will-o-the-Wisp
8. The Leprechaun
9. The Wood Nymph
10. The Green Man
11. The Fairy Lady of Finias
12. The Silkie
13. Little-Washer-by-the-Ford
14. The Mermaid


15. The Spirit of the Pool
16. Tiddy Man
17. The Underwater King
18. The Fairy of the Nine Gifts
19. The Fairy of the Sacred Dew
20. Niniane, Lady of the Lake
21. The Fairy Lord of Gorias
22. The Fire Djinn
23. Lob-Lie-by-the-Fire
24. The Fairy Lover
25. The Shining Company
26. The Golden Fairy
27. The Little Man of Wishes
28. Dreamer-in-Starlight


29. The Fairy of the Three Cauldrons
30. Brigid
31. The Fairy Lord of Falias
32. The Kontombili
33. The Fairy Fool
34. The Fairy Piper
35. The Fairy of the Sacred Breath
36. The Cloud Sprite
37. Dancer-in-Moonlight
38. Fairy of the Northern Lights
39. The Fairy of the Four Winds
40. Robin Goodfellow
41. The Rainbow Fairy
42. The Unmanifest