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Who is the Midnight Muse?
She is the Queen of Night, celestial and chthonic, the patroness of poetry, inspiration,
and enchantment. She is Beauty, both its source and its living expression. These pages
are dedicated to Her.

What is Midnight Muse?
We are a retail gift shop with a storefront in downtown Cincinnati's Tower Place Mall.
We also conduct business via our website and at numerous events throughout the year (mostly Celtic, New Age, and Pagan festivals). Please join our newsletter list to keep updated on events, new products, and other developments at Midnight Muse.

What is Midnight Muse all about?
Midnight Muse is devoted to beauty, enchantment and the celebration of the sacred.
We take a particular delight in Goddesses and Green Men, faeries and mermaids, myth, legend, folklore and the turning of the seasons, and our merchandise reflects these
magical fascinations.

We believe that beauty is so much more than that which merely pleases the eye. Beauty
is nourishing to the spirit, life enriching, transformative and even healing; a blessing to savored; the presence of the Divine manifesting in the world.

What are your products?
We offer jewelry, velvet pouches, art prints, books, tarot decks, journals, calendars, notecards, candles, incense, statuary, gift items, and bath & body luxuries. Our products index page is located here. And check our News page for the latest additions!

You can also purchase music, films, and a wide selection of art (both canvas and paper prints) through our affiliations with Amazon.com and various art affiliates. Just follow the links, and pay securely online through the larger company. Read more about how to order here.

Do you wholesale to retailers?
We are strictly a retail business. We do not wholesale or manufacture any of our products at this time.

Do you have a catalogue?
We do not have a printed catalogue; our website functions as such, at least for now.
It may be an avenue we pursue in the future, though. If you're looking for something you don't see on the site, please feel free to email us and inquire about it.

How do I join your mailing list?
To be added to our email list for occasional newsletters, simply sign up from the home
page of the list:


What are the Midnight Musings?
Oh, you know. Overwrought enthusiams, wry commentary, ponderous ponderings. Maybe some photos sometime.
A-muse yourself

How exactly do I go about placing an order?
We like you already

What does "Spira...whatever" mean?
About our motto

Who does she think she is anyway?
Meet the webmistress

Can I offer a suggestion for improving your site?
Be gentle

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