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Victorian & Edwardian Paintings in the Lady
Lever Art Gallery

The Last Romantics:
The Romantic Tradition
in British Art

British Romantic Painting

Victorian Painting

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.....Victorian Romantic Paintings ~ various

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Le Printemps
(Pierre-Auguste Cot)


Sleeping Beauty
(Thomas Spence)


The Storm
(Pierre-Auguste Cot)

The Honeymooners
(Edward F. Brewtnall)

The Balcony
(Eugene de Blaas)

(Philip Wilson Steer)

Fire Fancies
(Arthur Hacker)


The Lady of Shalott
(G. Robertson)

Diana of the Hunt
(John Byam Liston Shaw)


Enid & Geraint
(Roland Wheelwright)

Meeting on the Turret Stairs
(Frederic William Burton)

Aucassin & Nicollette
(Marianne Stokes)


The Stranger
(William Henry Margetson)


The Enchanted Shore
(Roland Wheelwright)

Two Victorian Beauties
(Charles Baxter)

An Al Fresco
(Sir Samuel Luke Fildes)

Victorian Fantasy
(Arthur Drummond)

The Cloister Or The World
(Arthur Hacker)

(Charles E. Halle)

Lady Agnew of Lochnaw
(John Singer Sargent)

The Virgin In Paradise
(Antoine Hebert)

Boer War
(John Byam Liston Shaw)


Progress of Spring
(Charles Ward)

Kiss of the Enchantress
(Isobel Lilian Gloag)

(Briton Riviere)

Sir Galahad:
The Quest for the Holy Grail

The Knight of the Holy Grail

(John Pettie)

Knight at the Crossroads
(Victor Vasnetsov)


The Young Martyr
(Paul Delaroche)

The Death of Chatterton
(Henry Wallis)